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In very high-pressure applications where space is tight, Value Added Distributors recommends Parker Compact Spiral, extreme hose for the highest and demanding pressure applications.

Hydrostatic drives, injection molding, test stands, snow grooming equipment all are extremely high-pressure applications which need the best type of application. With a constant working pressure of 6000 psi, no other hose offers a higher level of performance, or a tighter bend radius.


The end result? You use less hose and spend less money to handle even the most demanding conditions safely and reliably. Plus Parker’s abrasion-resistant Tough Cover prolongs hose life, guarding against hose-to-hose and hose-to-object wear.

Features and Benefits

• Half the bend radius of its SAE counterpart

• Constant 6000 psi working pressure.

• Rugged Tough Cover is specially engineered to resist abrasion in aggressive environments, prolonging hose life.

• No-Skive design eliminates the need to remove the hose cover before crimping.

• Unique three-color layline makes hose easy to identify.

Compact Spiral Ratings

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Application and Temperature Ranges

• Petroleum-base hydraulic fluids and lubricating oils within a temperature range of -40°F to +257°F (-40°C to +125°C).

• Water, water/oil emulsion and water/glycol hydraulic fluids up to +185°F (+85°C).

• Air up to +158°F (+70°C); for air above 250 psi (1,7 MPa), the cover should be pin pricked.


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