Today's fighting vehicles are expected to perform in the most physical and demanding environments and perform at a level beyond compare each and every time, but the job of maintaining them is never easy in difficult field conditions. Dust, mud, water and extremes of temperature all contribute to test the machines and those who maintain them.

Value Added Distributors range of fluid condition and contamination monitoring instruments and hoses are uniquely designed to support and maintain military equipment and, by reducing unnecessary filter and fluid changes, offering higher working pressure, longer service life and better fluid compatibility, all can be tied together to make considerable cost savings and reduce maintenance time. .

Meeting and Exceeding Standards

Manufacturers of equipment such as that illustrated here must fulfil very exacting safety and quality standards to meet military requirements. Value Added is committed and understands that need for quality and it is reflected in the build of all military products.

Parker SAE Aluminum Fittings

Just one of the many offerings for military markets. Approximately 65% lighter than comparable steel and stainless steel fittings, Parker aluminum fittings provide considerable weight savings. When utilized in mobile hydraulic systems, lighter weight aluminum fittings reduce the overall vehicle weight, making an increase in vehicle payload possible. Lightweight aluminum fittings offer the added benefits of reduced fuel expenses and freight costs.

Parker’s aluminum fittings are manufactured with an anodized coating for improved corrosion resistance. This resistance to corrosion is superior to that of comparable steel fittings, making Parker aluminum fittings ideal for many different applications where lightweight construction – as well as high corrosion resistance is needed.

Major Benefits

  • Up to 65% lighter than comparable steel and stainless steel fittings, reducing energy and freight expenses, as well as increasing vehicle payload

  • Superior corrosion resistance to salt spray than comparable steel fittings (per ASTM B117) for longer service

  • Meets dimension standards for SAE J514 (37° Flare) and SAE J1453 (O-ring Face Seal) fittings, eliminating system re-design and minimizing conversion costs.

  • Parker’s patented Trap-Seal pre-vents seal pop out associated with round o-rings, reducing the risk of seal damage and leakage

  • Parker’s patented Robust Port Stud eliminates the existence of exposed threads between the locknut and backup washer, which can lead to backup washer damage during assembly and eventual leaks.








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