From light to extreme, most applications require oils or chemicals to function under those specific conditions. Consequently, the hose you order must be compatible with not just the inner tube, but the cover, hose fittings, and o-rings as well. This makes it imperative to select the correct components of the hose assembly that will be compatible with that particular application.

Rating of a variety of fluids hint for long service life and leak-free functionality which makes it vital that the hose assembly be chemically compatible with the fluid being conveyed through the hose as well as the environment the hose will be in.

Value Added Distributors offers Parker tough cover TC for tough environments and super tough ST for the really rough stuff. The TC and ST covered hoses can simplify your assemblies by sleeving from the superior flexibility and offer a tighter bend radius. The wire-braided compact TM hoses offer wide fluid compatibility and performance.

The expanded family of hoses bring resistance to ozone and cold flexibility excellent abrasion resulting from the iso 6945 metal-to-hose abrasion test,which shows that the hose holds up much more effectivly when compared to standard cover rubber hose products.

One of our offerings geared more toward the mining industry would be Parker's Coalmaster Hose line featured below:


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Polyethylene abrasion resistant cover model available as well CM4HP
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Polyethylene abrasion resistant cover model available as well CM6HP
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