Cleanliness Testing

Value Added Distributors continues to test cleanliness levels of hydraulic hose assemblies utilizing the ISO 4406 Laser Particle Test for components. Value Added Distributors has developed Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) based on hose types; which allows us to produce “cleaned” hose assemblies on a consistent basis.

Value Added Distributors verifies results with a Laser Particle Counter (PLC) calibrated to ISO 4406 standard gives us a read out of three recorded particle sizes of 2 µm, 5 µm, and 15 µm respectively. Currently we are only utilizing this resource to verify our “in-house” cleanliness through SOP’s and to identify potential contamination concerns for different hose types.

*Please note that an assembly is only one component. When multiple assemblies, tubes, valves, tanks, and other parts are used on a particular machine the ISO results would be a cumulative total of all components used to transfer fluid in the system.

*Although correlations can be made between ISO 4405 vs. ISO 4406 they are not the same test and therefore do not offer same results. Relationships have been made and charted by one large OEM and can be reviewed under JDS-G169.

Any questions regarding this information can be referred to Tim Horn at (920)-886-3942 or email

General Overview

VAD Employs E.R.A.S.E.®*

  • E=Exclusion (Keep Contamination out)
  • R=Removal (Filtration)
  • A=Analyze (Sample, Cost vs. Benefit)
  • S=Sensitivity (Components-hydro 16/11)
  • E=Emphasis (Training at all levels)

  • •To ensure that Value Added continues to meet the cleanliness levels stated, we will test hose samples at in-house testing facility in Shawano, WI.

  • •This will be done a minimum of once each calendar quarter or as required due to introduction of new hose types or procedure changes.

  • •The results will be tracked and a copy put with our Master Cleanliness Standard file.

  • •MCS file will be available to our customers upon request.







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