Diagnostic Testing

Increasing productivity and profitability are the key elements for a company to successfully compete in the world market today.

Increasing productivity results from:

  • •Reduced machine downtime during initial set-up.

  • •Effective trouble shooting and maintenance procedures

To help our customers realize those productivity improvements, Value Added Distributors can provide a complete line of hydraulic diagnostic equipment.

This diagnostic equipment you can take critical measurements from your system. Value Added Distributor's diagnostic instruments are designed to identify hard-to detect variations and peaks in pressures, temperatures and flow.

  • •Diagnostic quick couplings and nipples allow quick and easy access into hydraulic systems at remote test points without the use of tools.

  • •Diagnostic nipples can be permanently installed in threaded test ports in hydraulic components such as valves, cylinders, accumulators, filters or pumps.

  • •Diagnostic tube ends, in conjunction with a 37 deg. flare, bite type, O-ring face seal tube fitting, will allow you to take pressure reading in your systems tubing and hose lines where threaded test ports may not currently be available.

From diagnostic tube ends to digital readout and printing equipment, Value Added Distributors has the tools necessary to increase your productivity through reduced machine downtime.

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