In-House Training

Value Added Distributors offers numerous on-site training options to benefit our OEM Customers.

Our classes are made to familiarize our customers with the proper techniques used in today's hydraulic market.

Value Added Distributors offers the following training programs:

  • •Torque Specifications

  • •Hose Routing

  • •Thread Identification

  • •Cleanliness


SafetyWorks training promotes awareness of the importance of following proper practices and maintaining safe conditions with regard to fuid systems and to help prevent injury to people and damage to property from escaping fuids and component failures. SafetyWorks training is set up through Value Added Distributors and then facilitated by a Parker Certified Technician.

The program is a series of three modules each about 20 - 30 minutes long. Participation in SafetyWorks training is highly recommended for anyone working with fuids under pressure and/or systems in motion. SafetyWorks will help enhance an individual's knowledge and awareness of safe practices regardless of their job or function.

SafetyWorks Training Modules

Injection Injuries

Injection injuries can be caused by many sources in addition to hydraulics, but all have potentially devastating outcomes. An injection injury may appear quite minimal to the unsuspecting examiner. As a result, delays in seeking treatment may occur because workers often complete their daily activities before symptoms develop.


S.T.A.M.P.E.D. Selection Process

Proper product selection is critical to system performance and reliability. S.T.A.M.P.E.D. is a systematic method of product selection to assist in identifying fluid connectors and conductors for different applications.


Parker & SAE Hose Safety Standards

Improper selection or use of hose, tubing, fittings or related accessories can cause death, personal injury and property damage. By following safety standards when designing and/or using fluid systems, users can reduce the risk of these occurrences.


Hose Conductivity and Residual & Live Pressure

Hydraulic hose assemblies can conduct electricity, creating a hazard for operators and equipment. Residual (or trapped) pressure in hydraulic systems can cause component damage and increases the risk of personal injury. Understanding the conductive nature of hoses and the effects of residual pressure is essential to maintaining a safe environment.






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