Vendor Managed Inventory


Direct to your production line

Value Express is set up with our customers in mind.  We understand the importance of assembly time to meet production demands.  Value Express serves all divisions of Value Added's family including: Transmotion, Bent Tubes and Power Systems.

Value Express will:

  • •Provide Lean logistic solutions bringing products to your
  •  warehouse

  • •Identify and manage all inventories

  • •Decrease administration and procurement work

  • •Reduce inventory

  • •Decrease risk of product stockouts

  • •Maximize productivity in your plant


VMI Features

  • •Includes all components supplied by VAD
  • •Established deliveries to meet customer’s needs
  • •Product delivered to point of use (multiple locations)
  • •Minimum/Maximum or Kan-Ban refill levels established
  • •All parts BAR CODED with:
    • »Customer P/N
    • »VAD P/N
    • »Qty Level
    • »Location
  • •Bin health reports to MANAGE INVENTORY levels
  • •EDI
  • •Reusable shipping containers
  • •Weekly or Monthly invoicing

Benefits of Value Added's VMI Value Express:

  • •Reduces repetitive planning/ordering/expediting for bin
  •   managed parts, allowing the materials department to
  •   re-allocate resources to supplier development

  • •Trims average inventory investment

  • •Improves inventory turns

  • •Reduces obsolescence cost from engineering changes

  • •Decreases inventory space allocation

  • •Eliminates receiving data entry cost

  • •Dismisses BACKORDERS, encourages efficiency

  • •Makes material handling costs unnecessary

  • •Terminates solid waste disposal costs







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