Hoses For Every Application

The best hose for your operation is the one that gets the job done right — no more, no less. That’s why we offer you a comprehensive line of hoses, as well as all the options that go with it.

Worried about price?
We’ve got rubber hoses that are an exceptional value.

Need a hose that can take the heat?
We’ve got hoses for that.

Looking for a hose to handle the most demanding conditions?
Not a problem. We have hoses made specifically for high temperatures, tight bending, abrasive environments, and more.

Not sure what hose you need or know what you are looking for?
Talk to our experts. They’re trained to know, and they’re ready to help.

Application Types

Our hose meets general to specific applications, such as:

  • •Braided and spiral hose
  • •Push-Lok, multi-purpose and general purpose hose
  • •Transportation and brake hose
  • •Refrigerant hose
  • •Pneumatic hose
  • •Suction & return hose
  • •Aerospace hose
  • •Preformed and bonded hose
  • •Non-conductive hose
  • •Fuel, water, air and garden hose

Thermoplastic Hose

Thermoplastic hoses offer a superior range of chemical resistance. Tough outer covers also resist degradation by UV rays, water and harsh wash down chemicals. Urethane and nylon style covers provide the industry's highest level of abrasion resistance today. They can outlast standard rubber hoses in lab tests by up to 10:1. There are an extensive selection of thermoplastic hose, tubing, fittings and accessory products for specific fluid-handling applications involving numerous industries and markets. Specific products include:

  • •Hydraulic & Pneumatic Hose & Fittings
  • •Specialty Hoses for Extreme Applications
  • •PTFE Hose & Fittings
  • •Thermoplastic Tubing
  • •Coiled Air Hose, Fitting & Accessories
  • •Truck (Fleet) Products
  • •Tooling & Equipment
  • •Hose Accessories
  • •Fluoropolymer Tubing and Hoses
  • •Medical Tubing and Heat Shrink

Industrial Hose

From general industrial hose needs to the most specific requirements of the specialty markets, our hose products reflect the highest quality and service you require to efficiently and cost-effectively handle your job or application. Specific products include:

  • •ACIDA Chemical Hose
  • •Air & Multi-Purpose Hose
  • •Fire Suppression Hose
  • •Food Handling Hose
  • •Material Handling Hose
  • •Petroleum Hose
  • •Oil Field Hose
  • •Steam Hose
  • •Water Hose
  • •Welding Hose



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