Value Added Distributors is your single source for any hydraulic valve, rod o-ring, or seal requirement. We provide a wide selection of open-center and load-sense directional control valves for any construction, off-highway, or on-highway application.

Many of our open-center valves can be adapted and used as closed-center, constant-pressure, and constant-pressure unloaded valves. Each of these technologies offers unique features for improved machine performance over traditional, open-center control valves.


Make Value Added Distributors your One-Stop Shop for Hydraulics.  As a full-line Hydraulic Seal distributor, we will provide our customers with:

  • •Rod and Piston Seals
  • •O-Rings
  • •Molded Rubber other types of Engineered Seals
  • •PTFE Kitting Solutions

Value Added Distributors is committed to practicing lean manufacturing principals to eliminate waste while streamlining processes. Lean technology helps us meet customer request dates quickly and cost-effectively. We also rely on state-of-the-art equipment and technology, such as computer-aided machining, to ensure product quality.

In addition, Value Added Distributors makes sure that hydraulic valves and valve products are fully tested and certified before being released to the customer. You can expect the hydraulic products to work the first time, every time.







Hydraulic Tube and Hose Prototyping Services Available
Contact Us At: (920) 886-3944 or vadwebsales@vadtek.com
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